Re: Federal Register--rules for Histotechs doing gross

From:Dave Low

Hi Diana,
I copy this website from, created by
Peggy Wenk and Steven Slap! Here is the website that
should help you with CLIA 88

The NSH have a competency/performance standards but I
don't know if it is exclusive to grossing. There
website but
you must be a NSH member to obtain this information.
Good luck!


--- "Goodwin, Diana"  wrote:
> Can anyone suggest an easy way to search the
> CLIA/HCFA websites for the regs
> for Histo techs doing gross?  I keep getting lost! 
> Also, does NSH or CAP or
> ASCP have a competency checklist for training new
> personnel in gross
> dissection?
> Diana Goodwin
> Supervisor, Anatomic Pathology
> Pennsylvania Hospital
> ph. 215-829-6532
> fax 215-829-7564

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