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From:"Jasper, Thomas"

Dear Steve,

An easy way for staff to get CEUs is through the TELECONFERENCE NETWORK OF
TEXAS. This is from the Univ. of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio.
Approximately once a month they present a teleconference on various
histology topics(IHC included). They last 1 hour and are presented at 12
noon CST. We aren't able to always all attend, however generally some people
can and it's a good resource. The phone # is 1-800-982-8868. If you call
they will give you all the details about participation. Another way to get
some CEUs is through convention attendance. Our national society is great
and although I'm not familiar with the Illinois society if they are like
most others I'm sure they're great too. You could probably contact someone
through this medium for more information. Good luck!

T. Jasper

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> Hello Histonet:
> I am looking for some information that I am sure the highly intelligent,
> beautiful, and modest Histonetters can help me with.  As I am fairly new
> at
> being the "top dog" in our lab there are some things that I want to do but
> lack the knowledge on how to get them started.  The main thing is that we
> need to boost our continuing education.  What do you do for yours and is
> there anything online that I can use as a resource.
> The other thing is that we have had IHC in our lab for more than a year.
> It is on an automated stainer and I have no problems with working the
> equipment.  What I do not know is the theory behind the staining.
> Pressing
> buttons only triggers so much cognitive thought.  Luckily we have a 30+
> year Tech whom is IHC certified so I can put allot of faith in her, but I
> need to educate myself.  Is there any text books or journals that I can
> purchase for reference.  I did some research for these myself but was
> woefully disappointed in the results.  It seems as if there is not much
> out
> there.
> Any information I can get on either of these two subjects would greatly
> appreciated.
> Thank you in advance.
> Stephen J. Scholz HT(ASCP)
> Histology Laboratory
> OSF St. Anthony Medical Center
> Rockford Illinois

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