Re: Large bone plastic embedding


by ethyl methacrylate do you mean 2-hydroxyethylmethacrylate (refered to as
Glycol methacrylate-GMA)? are you trying to make microtome sections of these
large samples?  i wouldn't think that GMA would be hard enough for metal
patsy ruegg

Serena Leung wrote:

> Can anyone tell me about some options for plastic embedding acetabulum with
> metal implants in them?  Our specimens are approximately 6"x6"x4".  We are
> currently using Ethyl Methacrylate and are running into the problem that
> our pressure tank is too small to get the specimens into it.  Finding a
> larger pressure tank has been difficult and I have been asked to look into
> other embedding methods that can be done without the pressure tank.  Any
> suggestions as to types of plastic and any protocols would be extremely
> helpful.  Also, it is my understanding that we use the pressure tank in
> order to reduce the bubbling that occurs during polymerization.  Could we
> do the polymerization of EMA in layers like some people do with PMMA?
>  Thanks for your help!
> Serena
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