RE: Thawing frozen tissue for H&E

From:"Monson, Frederick C."

Hi Richard,

	While this is NOT a suggestion from a Pathologist, it may help by
giving you a position to start from.
	I have, in the past, used what colleagues called a smart-a__
solution to the same problem.  I had frozen tissue and wanted H&E permanent
slides.  The key is to provide the tissue in a 'recognizable' form/condition
to the H&E even though it arrives with much more baggage that is normally
lost in fixing, dehydrating and cooking.  What I did was as follows.

	OCT section on slide.
	With section confined to middle 1cm of slide, I filled the bottom of
a Coplin jar (screw cap) [anything appropriate will do] with 1cm of whatever
HCHO fixative I had on hand (I used 4% pHCHO [HCHO from paraformaldehyde] in
	I carefully lowered the slide into the Coplin Jar directly from the
cryostat and screwed on the top.  I placed the jar in the 'fridge'
	Next morning, I removed the slide and ran it through the H&E
sequence.  Staining was shorter and differentiation was longer and eosin
concentration was lower by a quarter, but I finally got it right.
	Then I ran the slide up to xylene and mounted with my favorite, Gum
Damar [home made].  All of the above was true as long as the section stayed
where I put it after I cut it!

	This method worked most of the time.  Please note, everything I did
was in one's or 5's or 20's, and nothing was done automatically after tissue
was infiltrated in my Technicon - but that's not related to this.


Fred Monson

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> From: 	Richard Cartun
> Sent: 	Friday, June 21, 2002 2:33 PM
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> Subject: 	Thawing frozen tissue for H&E
> We received 3 biopsies of colon to R/O Hirschsprung's disease. 
> Unfortunately, all of the tissue was frozen in O.C.T. so we have nothing
> for permanent sections.  What is the best way to thaw the frozen tissue
> before submitting it for H&E?  Should we trim away the excess O.C.T. and
> place it in formalin or should we "wash" it in tissue culture media
> (RPMI) before placing it in formalin?  Obviously, preservation of
> morphology is critical here.  Thanks!
> R. Cartun 

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