RE: ER/PR tissue loss

From:"Wright, Clarissa B CIV"

	I use the electric pressure cooker the (decloaker)in our lab.
Tissue sections are placed on charged (+) slides.   The tissue is well
fixed, and after sectioning, the slides are allowed to air dry before
heating to melt the paraffin. Tissue stay on the slides. I found these steps
to be key to prevent tissue lost. Poorly fixed fatty breast is another
		Kris Wright (HT)
		Naval Medical Center San Diego
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From: Donna Sitrin []
Sent: Friday, June 21, 2002 1:29 PM
Subject: ER/PR tissue loss

This issue is a continuous one that will forever pop up from somewhere again
and again.  Sorry, but here goes.................

Does anyone have problems losing tissue when using an electric pressure
cooker (the decloaker).  

I moved from one lab to another last year, and at the other lab the pressure
cooker worked beautifully.  Naturally, I bring this great idea to my current
lab, and everything (especially ER, PR) wants to fall off during this
process.   Admittedly, the ER/PR like to fall off in the steamer they used
here as well.

I'd like to poll the net to see what type of slides users of the electric
pressure cooker are using.  Please let me know--if you'd like, I'd be glad
to send out results of the poll as well.


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