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Completely clear you silver first  with the ammonia and then add more
silver until you have a light brown tinge. I know it sounds crazy but it
works. Don't worry about the PH. It rakes quite a long time to clear the
silver with lots of ammonia.


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Subject:  Bielschowsky

Ok,  I am having a problem bringing the silver back to clear is there a
trick to this?   I know that my silver is a ph of about 4.7 and when I add
the ammonium it raises the ph.   Does that mean that the purpose of this is
to make it basic or neutral?   I have went through 3 batches of silver
right now??   I am truly frustrated..
The silver will go black but not turn back.   When I let it sit it will go
clear of course the black precipitate is in the bottom.   Any clues sure
would help Thanks
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