Frozen tissues in OCT for paraffin embedding

From:Gayle Callis

Hi Rich,

Just take the block and drop it into room temperature neutral buffered
formalin, agitate it a bit while it thaws as this helps remove OCT.  Once
it is thawed, change NBF to get rid of OCT entirely to obtain adequate
fixation,  process per your schedule.  

Many moons ago, we let OCT embedded frozen tissue thaw at RT, THEN put it
into NBF but you run the risk of forgetting the tissue is thawing with
danger of drying out OR surface drying of a cut block face.  A whole block
in OCT, uncut, should thaw immersed in NBF without problems.    

You may seem some artifact from freezing, but the tissue will be in
surprisingly good shape.  

Let us know how it works ---

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