Re: Proteolytic digestion for IHC staining


I too use DAKO's ready to use Prot.K, and I also use Research Genetics ready to use Pepsin, both work great for different antibodies.

Dana Settembre wrote:

> Hello Marilyn,
> I use Dako's ready to use Prot. K. cat# S3020, that's a 15ml bottle and they also have a larger bottle. It is fantastic.  When I use it, it's at room temperature for and usually for 5 minutes.  On some protocols I need it longer, 10 minutes RT
> Dana Settembre
> University Hospital- UMDNJ
> Newark, NJ
> >>>  06/20/02 02:02PM >>>
> Hi Histonetters,
> I need some references for the use of proteolytic digestion methods, in
> particular using Proteinase K, used in Immunohistochemical staining
> methods. Other reagents such as trypsin and protease would also be greatly
> appreciated.
> Thankyou in advance.
> Marilyn Johnson
> Agri-Food Surveillance Systems
> Alberta Agriculture
> Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

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