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correction, the DAKO autostainer applies DI water not buffer after the
run is done to keep the slides wet.

Noreen Gilman wrote:

>  Christina, I do run the autostainer overnight, but I don't use the
> delay. I find that I use much more buffer than if I just ran the
> program and left it alone until the next morning. The machine keeps
> the slides wet with distilled water and I don't waste the expensive
> buffer. I've not had any problems doing this.Noreen Noreen Gilman,
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> >>> C Sawrenko  06/11/02 09:30AM >>>
> Hello Histonetters,
> Thanks for your timely response to our ISH pretreatment question.  I
> now
> have another one for Dako autostainer users.  Do any of you run your
> autostainers overnight using the delay option?  How often?  Any
> problems
> encountered?  Any thrifty souls reusing the reagent vials?
> Thanks in advance for your valuable input!
> Christina Sawrenko
> Histopathology
> BC Cancer Agency
> Vancouver, BC

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