Re: Dako autostainer


I always use my DAKO overnight but I do not use the delay start, I just go
ahead and let it run and then it will apply buffer every hour after
finishing to keep the slides wet.  Since I live in a dry place (Colorado) I
also put a thin cafeteria tray filled with water under the slide racks to
keep the chamber humid.  I used to wash the reagent vials in a soap/bleach
solution, dry them and reuse, but I don't have time anymore.  I do store my
working antibody dilutions in the same vials in the fridge, when I need to
refill them, I rinse well with DI h20 before refilling.
You should have uninterupted power source (UPS) on your machine so that if
the power goes off overnight the battery will keep the machine going,
actually I think you should have a UPS even if you don't do ON runs.
Patsy Ruegg

C Sawrenko wrote:

> Hello Histonetters,
> Thanks for your timely response to our ISH pretreatment question.  I now
> have another one for Dako autostainer users.  Do any of you run your
> autostainers overnight using the delay option?  How often?  Any problems
> encountered?  Any thrifty souls reusing the reagent vials?
> Thanks in advance for your valuable input!
> Christina Sawrenko
> Histopathology
> BC Cancer Agency
> Vancouver, BC

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