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From:Tom McNemar

I have been in Histology sine 1977 and am color blind.  I didn't even know
it until I went into the military.  It really hasn't caused any problems.  I
do see color but have trouble distinguishing one color from another
depending on the shade.  Medium colors are fine (or at least I thik so!)  I
have never heard of anyone who just sees grays but I suppose there are
levels of color blindness.  

If you have a color blind tech that is having problems, I would suggest that
you sit down with them and look at some slides.  I know what colors I am
supposed to see and I know what those colors look like to me.  I don't think
that it is so important to see the right color as long as you can tell when
it is not the right color.

Colors may look a little different to a color blind person but its just a
matter of them learning to recognize the right color regardles  of what it
may looks like to them.

As an added note....
When I was in the Navy, I was taught to read diffs in Hematology by a lab
tech that was color blind!

Tom Mc Nemar HT(ASCP)
Histology Supervisor
Licking Memorial Hospital
Newark, Ohio

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Does anyone have information on how to address histology techs "in training"
who are color blind?  How do you address this?  What are the established
criteria for screening for this in potential candidates coming in to

Betty Raiford
Program Manager
Charles River Laboratories
3900 NCTR Rd.
Jefferson, AR  72079

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