Re: sendouts and consults

From:Kari Zajic <>

<P> Sue, we also do not charge for the send out cases, but we do ask for a Fed-Ex or UPS account number if they want them overnighted, if they do not provide us with one, we just send them certified US Mail. We just inform them at the time they make the request, you would be surprised at how many people suddenly have an account after they realize it will take a week or so before they receive the slides! <P>  <B><I>Sue Danielson <></I></B> wrote: <BLOCKQUOTE style="BORDER-LEFT: #1010ff 2px solid; MARGIN-LEFT: 5px; PADDING-LEFT: 5px">Currently we do not bill for these sendouts but I also believe we should.<BR>Most of our sendouts are at the request of outside institutions. At the<BR>very least we should be compensated for the FedEx costs. I am interested to<BR>know how other labs are handling these costs.<BR><BR>Susan K. Danielson, MS<BR>Neuromuscular Lab Supervisor<BR>Dept. Neurology, Medical College of Wisconsin<BR><BR></BLOCKQUOTE><p><br><hr size=1><b>Do You Yahoo!?</b><br> Get personalized email addresses from Yahoo! Mail - only $35 a year!<BR><a href=""></a>
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