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Our cost per test is approximately $11.80 with DAKO, excluding overhead and
administrative costs that are not calculated in. We use mostly predilutes,
so it could be reduced quite a bit if we had staff and storage to use
concentrates. We find DAKO a excellent company to work with. They have a
good contract for a stainer if you meet a minimum purchase amount of

We use Prefer only for storage of cassettes before they are put on the
processors. We found Prefer to be a problem with Her2 FISH, but to my
knowledge it does not effect our routine IHC. j:>)

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> Hi to all.... looking at cost per test and reliability factors on IHC
> stainers... 
> Our manager says that we are spending something like $42/test (hard to
> believe) with the BioGenex Optimax... looking at the possibility of going
> to a different system; any suggestions?
> Also we are a Prefer fixative user... if anyone else has experience with
> IHC on Prefer fixed tissues, please give me some feedback.
> Mary Bryhan HT (ASCP)
> Northern Michigan Hospital
> Petoskey, Michigan

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