Re: Acidic tol blue

Since we're in antiquarian mode -

My 1920 Dorland's medical dictionary describes H. Schridde as a "contemporary 
German physician" - thus pronounced SHRID-da.

My 1918 copy of Pathological Technique: A practical manual for workers in 
pathological histology and bacteriology inlcuding directions for the 
performance of autopsies and for clinical diagnosis [including surgical 
pathology!] by laboratory methods - by Frank Burr Mallory, then associate 
professor of pathology at Harvard Medical School and the Massachusetts 
General Hospital -

lists three Schridde techniques. He fixed tissue in Orth's fixative 
(Mueller's fixative with 10% formalin) and postfixed it in Mueller's 
fixative, then goes on to a tissue Giemsa stain without differentiation - 
clearly not the method Erin Ellison wants. (Mueller is correctly spelled with 
an umlaut, but not by my mail client.)

Schridde's papers are probably in the Zeitschrift fuer die Geerschift und die 
Krankschaft. It would take the resources of a large old medical library to fi
nd them. Maybe when I get to the Johns Hopkins library again.

My Dorland belonged to my father. The Mallory once belonged to Dr. Ira M. 
Gambill (1894-1984), who for many years was both pathologist and radiologist 
at the old Mountain Home VA Hospital in Johnson City way up in the east 
Tennessee mountains. In his day (1930's-40's) the VA (or its forerunner) 
provided centralized histolopathology services for isolated centers, and he 
did only gross pathology for many years.

Bob Richmond
Samurai Pathologist
Knoxville TN

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