From:Cynthia Tily <cynthiatily@mindspring.com>

I have just recently tried Framount aqueous mounting media from Dako. We
seem to be having problems with tiny bubbles over the tissues. They do not
seem to be water bubbles ( or air pockets from too little media ) but seem
to form a pattern first over the glass part of the  slide and then over the
tissue as it dries. It is like looking at a the dimples on a golf ball. Has
anyone else seen this?  FYI, we are storing the product inverted as
suggested and follow the  insert directions for cover slipping.
Also, is this product supposed to dry "hard" as does Crystalmount? Even
after tim ein a 60degreee oven or 48 hours at room temp the stuff is still
very gummy and the coverslip can easily be moved.
Any thoughts/suggestions?

Thank you,
Cindy Tily,HTL
Coll Of Vet Med
Auburn Univ

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