Staining of ground bone sections

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Greetings O fountain of all Wisdom.....

Can anyone help me out here please. I am preparing ground 
sections of bone with titanium implants. The tissue has been 
embedded in Technovit 7200 and ground to a thickness of 30-50 
microns. According to the protocol I have, the sections have to be 
incubated in 5 mins in 10% H2O2 prior to staining with Goldner's 
modified trichrome method. The problem is this: I find that there is 
a crystalline precipitate on the sections (all solutions are freshly 
filtered before use), which refuses to wash out. Any ideas as to 
what could be causing this? What is the purpose of the H2O2 rinse 
anyway and can it be ignored?.
Any answers?

Many thanks 

Bone research Unit
South Africa

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