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No it's not as simple as that.  There are genuine reasons for concern
amongst relatives.  The Alder Hey report details a catalogue of errors,
incompetance and dishonesty of breathtaking proportions.  From this and the
political machinations of our government and press you get a public that
believes all pathologists are Frankensteins.  We can all claim that we
behave properly and that what we do is worthwhile but nobody's listening.
Of course people are over reacting, some for very poor reasons and the
politicians are using this mess to crucify the medical profession.  However
it has to be said that the leaders of the medical profession have generally
made a poor effort at explanation.

Read the Alder Hey report.  It's on the web.  Then tell me that there are no
grounds for people's concerns.

Yes, I know that such a situation could not arrise in most labs but how do
the public know that?  Ask some of your hospital colleagues  what you do.
The answers might surprise you.  I was certainly stunned at the lack of
awareness of what we do.

Andy Shand

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> We have had to endure departmental searches, and sign documents to state
> that we haven't got human remains hidden in our lockers.
> >Richard Pitman FIBMS,
> >Head MLSO,
> >Dept of Histology, Cytology & Immunology,
> >Worcester Royal Infirmary NHS Trust
> Good grief, who are they looking for - Hannibal Lector?  It really sounds
> like alot of the uninformed, "let's look for a reason to sue" garbage that
> goes on in the USA.
> Tara Oakes, H.T.
> Central Dupage Hospital
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