IHC & decalcified tissue


Hi everyone.
My lab is currently trying to find a method to successfully complete an immunoperoxidase stain on tissue that has been decalcified. My supervisor is a very price conscious (I mean that in a good way)individual and he has come up with a method that is less than effective. 
First, we soak our tissue for 3 hours in a CaCl solution. Then, we treat the tissue in a NAOH and methanol solution followed by two rinses in straight methanol. Then we stain the tissue using our normal immunoperoxidase procedure. 
The tissue consistently falls off of the slides and causes a lot of frustration and more experimentation for the histotechs! If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know. Thank you.

Michelle Rederick HT(ASCP)
Sharon Regional Health System
Sharon, PA

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