Re: Mouse anti E--Cadherin

From:Richard Cartun <>

Dear Theresa:

We use Zymed's E-Cadherin mAb at 1:200 for 30' (1:1,000 for overnight incubation) with DAKO's EnVision+ detection.  A 40' incubation in a 96 degree C. waterbath is used for HIER.  Try a ductal carcinoma of breast for your positive control.

R. Cartun

>>> THERESA ROHR <> 06/12/01 04:31PM >>>
Hi everyone,

I just received my order of E-Cadherin from Zymed. If anyone uses their 
concentrate with the Dako Envision Plus protocol, please let me know what 
dilution you are currently using. Also, are you using HIER and protein 
blocking as recommended and the 60 minute incubation time? What works really 
well as a control tissue??

Theresa Rohr, BA HT(ASCP)
Section Head, Histology
Nyack Hospital, NY
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