Re: Dry marking pens

From:Shirley Powell <powell_sa@Mercer.EDU>

Hi Steve,

I do not know how to get the pens going again, but I can tell you how I keep
them from drying out so quickly.  If they are stored with the tip down the ink
lasts longer.  I fill an 8 oz specimen container about half full of paraffin,
let it start to solidify, then place a  pen with the capped tip down into the
center of the paraffin, making sure it does come too high to cover the cap and
let them completely solidify together.  When labeling the pen can be rested in
the cap to slow the drying down and when not in use push the pen down tightly.
When that pen is used up, just place a new pen in the cap; they usually fit as
well as first one.  They still dry out, but not as quickly.  If this is not
clear, let me know.

Shirley Powell

"Allen, Steven" wrote:

> I am finding that the tips on my solvent-resistant marking pens are prone to
> drying out.  I may label a couple hundred slides and store the pen for a few
> days.  I always secure the cap firmly and lay it down sideways.  When I try
> to use the pen again, the tip won't flow ink even after repeated writing.  I
> have tried getting the pen to write on slides and paper with no luck. I have
> tried storing the pens with the tips pointing down with no luck.  Out of
> curiosity, I cut one of the bad pens in half and the cartridge inside
> appeared to still have ink.
> Can anybody offer me some advice on how to get the ink flowing again?
> Thanks,
> Steve Allen
> Research Technologist
> Lovelace Respiratory Research Institute
> Albuquerque, NM
> (505)845-1122

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