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From:Terry J Mattoon <>

Hi Carmen:
We've only had to change tapes once since it's that new.  Sorry I didn't
find it a problem.  Just lucky I guess................

On 24 Jun 2000 10:51:00 +0100 "Buttigieg Carmen at MOH"
<> writes:
> We also use the Cassmark from Shandon. The printing is really great 
> and 
> virtually impossible to smudge or erase. There is only one problem. 
> When the 
> used length of tape winds itself on the empty reel, it gets all 
> messed up and 
> entangled. When I opened it up I found that the sealing on the empty 
> reel came 
> off and the tape was winding itself on all the wrong spools. I 
> cleaned it up, 
> taped it on again but it happened again. I have tried different 
> kinds of tape, 
> labels and even staples but it always manages to break off. 
> Is there any solution?
> Carmen
> St. Luke's Hospital

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