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I don't intend this in a mean spirit, but what you mean to say is what 
dilution is used to dilute the hydrogen peroxide for the quenching of 
endogenous peroxidases. And, in short, 3% solution is commonly 
the concentration of choice. I have also seen 0.3% reccommended. 
Go  ahead and try 0.3%, and if you still have nonspecific staining 
(evident in your deletion control), then go to 3% the next time.

A cheaper alternative, if you are interested, is 3% in distilled water. 
I use it all the time and works great! Good luck! Cheers! Greg

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> Hi Histonetters, My name is Gratiana & I'm a PhD student @ The Uni. of Melbourne Australia. My question is what % of methanol that normally used to dilute Hydrogen peroxidase for Hydrogen peroxide quenching in immunohistochemistry.  Thankyou very much for your suggestion.
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> Gratiana
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