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We are still experimenting but overall we are getting good, consistent results. We have been using plastic coplin jars in a steamer, two changes for 20 minutes each. Initially we had used two 30 minute incubations but the sections were a bit rough looking. Shortening the time has helped preserve the morphology without decreasing the staining intensity.

Donald Andersen
Oregon Health Sciences University
Pathology Department

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Hello everyone,

I would like to get some info on the use of the Trilogy, one step depar and
antigen retrieval from Cellmarque.  If you have used it or are using it,
have you had any problems with it?  I was given some as a sample and I
would like to hear from people who are using it.  I have had some mixed
results with the product.    I am going to try to dry the slides longer to
see if it helps.
Your comments will be greatly appreciated.


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