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I'd like to have info about this right now!! Thanks, j

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> Histonetters:
> I am trying to interest a local dealer of a product in Exhibiting at the
> Convention.  They are a small dealer and the cost is pretty high to
> Exhibit
> so.  I'm not tied to them financially in anyway. I should be, but I don't
> wanna work and my Taxes are soooo much simpler !!!!!!  *Grin*
> I'll explain a little about it below and what led me to want them to
> exhibit.  It sure would be helpful to hear if your interested in such a
> product.
> The machine is an "Air Purification System" made by Alpine Industries. It
> uses Radio Frequency and Needlepoint Ionization to reduce/remove
> particulate
> matter and low-level Ozone to reduce/remove odors.  It changes the
> chemistry
> of chemicals, rather than mask the odors. The word  "Ozone" gets alot of
> people excited.  The low level used is about the same found in fresh air
> outdoors. It mimicks natures use of sunlight, wind, ocean action, rain,
> gravity and lightning effects on freshening or purifying outdoor air.
> The unit weighs about 17lbs. so it's easy to move from place to place.  It
> needs to be positioned about 5' or 6'  from the floor. On top of an
> existing
> cabinet works well.  The cost is a little more then $600.00.  There are
> smaller and larger ones available as well. Large units are used in
> Lounges/Restaurants, Hair Salons, Fabric Stores, etc. I became interested
> in
> this machine at a Homeshow Exhibit 2 years ago and still being a smoker,
> purchased one of the units as well as a smaller one.  The smaller one is
> in
> the Rec. Room, in which several parties have been held, some of which
> could
> rival the ones at the NHS Convention.  :)  It is placed above the bar
> where
> people have smoked and just past the end of the bar, others were not
> bothered by the smoke.  The larger one is upstairs and takes care of the
> smoke, cooking and other odors and reduced the usual mold found in
> bathroom
> showers.  Normal house dust, and living on a street with alot of traffic
> to
> stir it up, has been reduced to fine powder. Altho the company makes no
> medical claims, I have had only one cold since installing it and that was
> only a few days duration.  I gave one to my Son who has asthma and his
> condition has improved quite alot. They require about 10 minutes per month
> to clean.
> After experiencing the above, while I was still working, I thought they
> might reduce the odors in the lab.  No matter how good the air-flow, odors
> still remained and someone was always forgetting to make Acetic Acid or
> other reagents in the hood or leaving the door to the Coverslipper open.
> :(  After contacting our Environmental Health and Safety Department and
> receiving their blessing, I put one in the Gross Room, one in the
> Histology
> Lab and a smaller one in the Transcription area.  The Transcription area
> is
> overcrowded and the staff were always getting colds or nasal situations of
> some kind.
> People made comments on the lack of Formalin smells in the Grossing Room.
> Chemical smells in the lab were reduced.  Altho some staff, being used to
> the residual odors didn't notice a difference, visitors did and I heard
> less
> about Migraine Headaches.  The Transcription staff mentioned a fresher
> room
> and less colds/sinus problems.  Prior to typing this, I checked with the
> Transcription Supervisor to see how things were now, here's the response:
> "It seems to be working just fine and the transcription area has a clean
> smell to it.  I can really tell the difference in the gross room and in
> the
> lab area.  The gross room doesn't smell like formalin all the time like it
> did before the purifier."
> So, I am thinking, perhaps this product could be used in many labs having
> residual odors.  As I said earlier, I have no financial interest in the
> company.....but feel strongly that the Labs should be made aware of this
> product that could possible help.
> Please let me know if you feel you would be interested in seeing a demo at
> the NSH Convention.  If they Exhibit, I plan to help them out in their
> booth
> (donated time) after 10am, cause I can't make it earlier after those
> Vendor
> parties anymore!  *grin*  It will be a great chance to say Hi to everybody
> and donating my time won't complicate my Taxes!
> Thanks,
> Don Hammer, Retired Guy

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