"Patience is the better part of virtue!"

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From:Linda Jenkins <jlinda@ces.clemson.edu>
Date:Thu, 22 Jul 1999 10:41:56 -0400
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Dear Lillith,
	The one thing I've noticed about really smart people is they always
ask lots of questions.  I have the joy of training many M.S. and Ph.D.
students in the fine art of hard and soft histologic techniques.  They ask
tons of questions.  And some days(not many) they drive me crazy:-)  We all
have "testy" days.  In fact, for some of us long-term HistoNet subscribers,
may get a little more" testy" than some newbies.  There are some days that
I think I will throw something at the computer if I see one more
misspelling of the word unsubscribe.  But, I draw a deep breath, and think
this is going to happen to me one day -  probably.
	I have, personally, learned so much from the HistoNet and it's many
contributors.  John, Gayle, Bob, Russ, Barry and many more have contributed
exceptional amounts of knowledge to this 'net group.  We used to have the
Samurai Pathologist as a wonderful, historical discusser.  Wonder where he
	Anyhow, the point I wanted to make is, be patient and forgiving
with us.  Sometimes, the knowledge gained is worth the attitude!
		Inquiring minds ALWAYS want to know,
Linda Jenkins, HT
Clemson University
Department of Bioengineering
Clemson, SC

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