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From:Paul Klosen <>,
Date:Wed, 28 Jul 1999 12:51:11
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A 20:02 27/07/1999 EDT, a écrit :
>Anyone have any ideas on how to get silver nitrate off your hands? 
>       thanks,
>        donna

Scrub a lot !!!
Alternatively, you can try some of the household cleaners used to clean
silverware. This is also quite usefull to get rid of silver nitrate off
clothing. Works also for film developer (for those doing autoradiography
and who messed up).
You might also try Farmer's reducer (0.5 g potassium ferricyanide, 0.5 g
sodium thiosulfate in 100 ml water), but then again putting ferricyanide on
you hands does not sound such a good idea.

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