Re: Ventana Special Stainer

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From:Robin Fitzl <>
Date:Mon, 28 Jun 1999 06:39:38 PDT
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We had a demo from Ventanna and it was OK. It was the contract we didn't 
care for. You might get the machine at a good price. But you may be 
obligated through the contract to pay alot for the kits. One lab I know of 
pays $1000 a kit! Be sure and read the fine print.
We're getting the Dako machine for a much better deal.


>From: lynn dize <>
>Subject: Ventana Special Stainer
>Date: Sun, 27 Jun 1999 16:47:17 -0400
>Does any one out there use this? We have been demoing it for several
>months and ran into many complications. Now we must decide wether or not
>to purchase it. I'm curious about other peoples feeling on this both
>good and bad. I personally prefer the hands on of the specials, but as
>the supervisor have little time to actually do them. My techs can go
>either way ( some days they like it some days they don't). If we
>purchase it now we get it at almost half price. Any thoughts would be
>Lynn Dize
>Histology Supervisor
>Piedmont Hospital
>Atlanta, Ga.

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