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I do a lot of I.A. some of which is similar to what you are doing.   Ran into the
same problem you are having and while investigating the cause, doing some
densitomitry on some of the H&E's (we knew there was a problem with the special's)
and finding the same problem I went to the lab. and checked the microtomes with a
micrometer.  One of the microtomes used to cut our sections had a variance of up to
3 um when set at 5 um.  They  started cutting the sections on an other (newer)
microtome aand we have not had that problem since.  They also replaced the older
microtome (gray 820) with a new one.

Densitomitry, system dependent, is very sensitive to section thickness.  The better
the system the more sensitive it is.

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> Subject: PAS stain
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> When we are cutting our muscle block and subsequently staining for PAS, I have
> noticed that a difference in staining intensity exists, even on the same slide
> (i.e. same block, simply the next section).  Since we are using the staining
> intensity as an indicator of glycogen stores (via densitometry) it is important
> to ensure standardisation across all samples measured.  There is no streaking
> evident, it is just that some sections come out darker than the others.
> Any thoughts on this?
> Thanks in advance
> Tim.
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