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To:Tim Fairchild <>
Date:Thu, 22 Jul 1999 09:22:38 -0400
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It sounds to me that you are getting thick and thin sections on the slides.

Try rough cutting the block and placing it on ice which has begun to melt
when the tissue begins to appear  opaque it  is an indication that the
tissue has been hydrated.  You may have to discard the first few sections.

Sectioning should be more even once the tissue is softened.  Muscle does
have the tendency to be brittle.


Tim Fairchild <> on 07/22/99 05:45:21 AM

To:   HistoNet Server <>
Subject:  PAS stain

When we are cutting our muscle block and subsequently staining for PAS, I
noticed that a difference in staining intensity exists, even on the same
(i.e. same block, simply the next section).  Since we are using the
intensity as an indicator of glycogen stores (via densitometry) it is
to ensure standardisation across all samples measured.  There is no
evident, it is just that some sections come out darker than the others.

Any thoughts on this?

Thanks in advance
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