Re: Floating Debris

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Date:Thu, 22 Jul 1999 10:48:54 -0400
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What does the debris look like? wrote:

> I have talked with several other histotechs about debris on the H&E slides.
> We have looked at everything we can think of, waterbaths, water, distilled
> water, adhesives, stains, stainers, reagents, etc.  The problem is debris
> floating on top of the stained sections.  It occurs often but not every
> single day.  I can go for a week or so with no debris and then it is back.
> The pathologists and histotechs are pulling their hair out at 2 institutions
> here in Florida.  (The debris is not the hair!)  We have compared notes and
> use different products but have the same problem.  Any ideas, suggestions
> (hair removal techniques)?
> Thanks,
> Tonia Breckenridge
> Baptist Hospital
> Pensacola, FL

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