Re: Floating Debris

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From:"Barry Rittman" <>
Date:Thu, 22 Jul 1999 07:15:59 -0700
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		would you be kind enough to let us know the precise nature of this
debris, amorphous, stained etc.?
The most common causes we have encountered are
material from the air handling system
dandruff and squames from the skin
precipitate from interaction of agents 
lead from pencil labeling
As it is floating it sounds more like airborne contamination or precipate
from reagents.
A less frequent cause is contamination from reagents left in the tissues
from processing
Also could you let us know the precise H and E schedule that you use?

At 10:27 PM 7/21/99 EDT, you wrote:
>I have talked with several other histotechs about debris on the H&E slides.  
>We have looked at everything we can think of, waterbaths, water, distilled 
>water, adhesives, stains, stainers, reagents, etc.  The problem is debris 
>floating on top of the stained sections.  It occurs often but not every 
>single day.  I can go for a week or so with no debris and then it is back.  
>The pathologists and histotechs are pulling their hair out at 2 institutions 
>here in Florida.  (The debris is not the hair!)  We have compared notes and 
>use different products but have the same problem.  Any ideas, suggestions 
>(hair removal techniques)?
>Tonia Breckenridge
>Baptist Hospital
>Pensacola, FL

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