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From:"P. Emry" <>
To:"Weems, Joyce" <>
Date:Mon, 26 Jul 1999 17:13:54 -0700 (PDT)
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I bought Neutra Guard, I don't remember from whom.  It was so iritating to
my throat, eyes and nose that I thought formalin might be better.  I
sprayed it around where formalin was used and have had a hard time getting
it washed off.  It didn't come off with clearing agent either.  I went
back to formalex for surface clean-up.  I also have gotten the lab to use
a formalin substitute.
 On Mon, 26 Jul 1999, Weems, Joyce wrote:

> Neutralex from Sakura has met California approval, so it HAS to be good!!!
> It does work well and in 15 min. 
> Joyce Weems
> Pathology Manager
> Saint Joseph's Hospital of Atlanta
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> 	Histonetters,
> 	We have been recycling formalin for some time with great success.
> The
> 	waste from the recycler contains 1% or less formaldehyde according
> to a
> 	simple assay we do as QA on the recycled product.  I am exploring
> the
> 	possibility of "neutralizing" this waste into something that doesn't
> 	have to be carted away at $5/gallon.  I'm familiar with Aldex, but I
> 	recently heard about a product from Sakura that works immediately
> with
> 	no standing time.  Your success stories and comments will be 
> 	appreciated.
> 	Bob Santoianni
> 	Emory University Hospital
> 	Atlanta, Georgia


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