RE: Deparaffinizing/unmasking Solution

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From:cmcorp <>
To:"Shotsberger-Gray, Wanda" <>
Date:Mon, 26 Jul 1999 22:19:57 -0500
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Some points to consider:

1. The pressure cooker we offer costs $299. Compare to cost of specialized
microwave ovens. Also, performance is excellent. 

2. The timer on this pressure cooker does not begin to count down until the
cooker becomes pressurized so it is very convenient to use and you get
great run-to-run consistency. 

3. The protocol is the only one that allows you to deparaffinize with heat
and greatly reduces the procedural variability that can be associated with
deparaffinization (this contributes to more consistent stains). Also, the
procedure does not vary with the number of slides, and can be used
effectively in conjunction with so many antibodies that your procedure
manual can be greatly simplified.

4. Declere requires no special handling because it is non-toxic and
biodegradable. Not so for xylene and alcohols which are toxic, flammable,
and are expensive to dispose of.

5. Call me for a sample.

Paul Ardi
Cell Marque Corp.

At 02:54 PM 7/26/99 -0500, you wrote:
>Jamie, We tried Declere here and got results comparable to regular old HIER.
>As I am not the primary person doing immuno, I am not sure why we do not use
>it routinely; if I had to guess, I would say ease of putting a rack in our
>Energy Beam microwaves vs having to set up the pressure cooker, bring it up
>to temp, remember to check if it is up to temp in the first placeand... well
>you get the idea.  My guess is in our highly automated lab, it was just
>easier to go with HIER.  (We have automated stainers, and our microwaves
>have temperature probes).  If you need more specific info, just e-mail me
>Wanda Shotsberger
>Harris Methodist Hospital
>Fort Worth Texas
> ----------
>From: Jamie Erickson
>Subject: Deparaffinizing/unmasking Solution
>Date: Friday, July 23, 1999 10:33AM
>         Wanted to know if anyone has tried this new solution from Cell
>Marque called DeClere. It is a solution that deparaffinizes, rehydrates and
>unmasked your paraffin samples in a pressure cooker. I am looking into
>giving it a try and wanted to get some feed back.

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