Fund raiser for Lynn Diaz

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From:Lynn Gardner <>
Date:Fri, 16 Jul 1999 10:20:04 -0400
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Dear Histonetters,

Thank all of you who e-mailed me about helping Lynn Diaz with her
daughter's situation. I will be looking into options on the best way to set
this up  for Lynn. I also would encourage everyone to write letters of
encouragement to Lynn Diaz through Joyce Weems as she has volunteered to
take the letters to Lynn at the Hospital.

Joyce Weems
>Pathology Manager
>Saint Joseph's Hospital of Atlanta

I will keep everyone informed of what we are able to set up. The best thing
everyone can do now is pray for that little girl with all your heart, as it
is in God's hands now. Keep positive everyone, children are miraculous and

PS: I am sorry for any misspelling but I just had my eyes dialated and
can't see what I am doing so please bare with me!

Lynn Gardner

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