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From:Phyllis Davie <>
To:"Nader, Alexander" <>, "Histology Net List Server (E-Mail)" <>
Date:Fri, 2 Jul 99 11:34:38 -0700
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Dr. Nader,

     We have been using the polyclonal Calretinin from Swant for several 
years now.  It is a very nice, easy to use, specific antibody.  
Antibodies to Calretinin have been demonstrated to be a highly sensitive 
and specific marker of mesothelial cells and mesothelioma, helping to 
distinguish the latter from adenocarcinoma.  Here is the ordering 
          SWant Swiss antibodies
            P.O. Box 2660
            CH-6501  Bellinzona
          fax:  (+41) 91 825 76 08

Calretinin (rabbit polyclonal), cat# 7698  200ul  $215 (US$)

 1)   Ordonex N. Modern Pathol 11:929-33, 1998
 2)   Doglioni C. et al., Am J Surg Pathol 20:1037-46, 1996
 3)   Schwaller B et al.  (1993)  Cell Calcium 14:639-648

Good Luck

>I'm looking for an antibody against Calretinin, which works also on
>paraffine-embedded material. 
>A couple of months ago there was a discussion about AUA1, also a marker for
>mesotheliomas and somebody sent the address of the distributor to me, but
>unfortunately due to a headcrash (no, not my own head, only one of my
>harddisk's heads)I can't find it anymore.
>Dr. Alexander Nader
>Path. Institut Hanuschkrankenhaus
>A 1140 Wien, Oesterreich

Phyllis Davie
Clinical Laboratory Supervisor
PhenoPath Laboratories
Seattle, WA
(206)374-9009  phone
(206)374-9009  fax

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