Re: The future of the Histology lab?

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From:"Stan, Pat, Robert, Peter, and Angus Hansen" <>
Date:Fri, 09 Jul 1999 20:50:00 -0400
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When I look back at all of the "cutting edge" and "This is the future
.... for histology" I just sit back and wait to see how long before it
is the routine or forgotten.
When I started it was enzyme histochemistry => state of the art research
(now - ho hum routine)
        Then it was immunohistochemistry ( I heard Dr. Sternberger's
talk on PAP at in 1979) => it was "the future of research Histology"
            Then it was in situ
For a quiet field of work we seem to grow quickly and advance (sometimes
inspite of our nearsitedness).  There are many of us already trained in
image analysis, or image processing.  With laser confocal microscopy,
and other techniques - I'm sure we'll see many of the ideas start
creaping into our field.  Wheather it becomes a part of our "routine"
will be dependent on money, and what our pathologists feel they need to
disgnose properly.  If we want to stay doing H&E and a few specials - we
will do it (or at least those histologists will do them).  Those
technologists who want to learn, and keep up with techniques - watch the
NSH, Regional, and State meetings for workshops - they will be there for
people who want to learn.
    I still look forward to seeing the "next step -- beyond" where we
are at this point in time.  I joined this society as a charter member
because it believes in the histologist and offered the educational
opportunities for learning.  Then I got involved in teaching and giving
the workshops.  If the desire is out there to learn the technique -  the
class will soon be available.
    Stay tuned to the histonet and NSH for class schedules.

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