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Date:Fri, 2 Jul 99 17:10:10 -0700
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Dear Karen,

Thanks very much for the inquiry. The Vector NovaRED peroxidase substrate 
does have similar reaction kinetics to that of DAB, and does not appear 
to be water soluble, since the reaction product remains after standing in 
tap water. As Gayle has indicated though, and we have confirmed, Vector 
NovaRED is not compatible with Immu-Mount. This particular compound, 
Immu-Mount, is refered to as an aqueous based mounting media which 
contains polyvinyl alcohol, glycerol, amino alcohol, and cationic 
quaternary ammonium chloride. This mixture is somewhat more elaborate 
than just water or glycerol. As explained previously, Vector Labs have 
not evaluated the compatibility of Vector NovaRED with the plethora of 
aqueous based mounting medias which are available. The Vector NovaRED was 
developed as a crisp, sensitive red peroxidase substrate which can be 
dehydrated and permanently mounted in nonaqueous mounting media. Until 
now, there has not been a red peroxidase substrate suitable for permanent 
mounting. The other red peroxidase substrate, AEC, can be aqueously 
mounted, albeit much less sensitive and soluble in alcohols. It should be 
indicated that AEC is not stable in all aqueous mountants for long term 

If you were hoping to mount your embryo preparations with an aqueous 
compound (glycerol?), please contact Vector Labs and we'll try to 
accomodate your inquiry, and trial the Vector NovaRED with your media of 
choice. The assumptions by J. A. Kiernan about Vector NovaRED are 
incorrect. We are not willing to be involved in a discussion on why some 
products are proprietary. Vector Labs is certainly not unique in offering 
proprietary products, and it should be made clear that companies such as 
Vector manage to stay in business by protecting their intellectual 
property. The Vector Technical Service Department is avaiable to assist 
you should further questions arise.



Craig Pow, Ph.D.

Vector Laboratories, Inc.
30 Ingold Road
Burlingame, CA 94010

Tel:  (650) 697-3600
Fax:  (650) 697-0339

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