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From:"Michael Mihalik"

Jon, did you ever get an answer to this question?  

I am not as familiar with all the various dictation systems that I would
like to be, but I have used something that may help.

You can buy a foot pedal that can be 'programmed' to send a hotkey
combination to an external device, typically a PC.

In my case,  I was considering using this setup to enable and disable Dragon
Naturally Speaking at the gross workstation.

Michael Mihalik
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We are in the process of upgrading our LIS. We are looking at moving our
dictation system from our current Dictaphone analog system. We would like to
use a digital system that can support VOIP.  The problem we are running into
is trying to find one that supports a hands free control that our grossing
pathologists need.
Does anyone have recommendations on digital systems that support foot

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