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From:"Joe Nocito"

our one community college program in San Antonio is in jeopardy of closing 
because it can't get the required 10 students to make a class. If this 
program does close, I will be willing to work with a college or university 
with long- distance learning. I have 5 openings in my lab.

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Wrong! The advantage of the "on line" or "distance learning" courses is that 
they provide the theory on line while you are working at a given laboratory 
doing your training (or even as part of your daily work) so there is no 
"actual training" to be done by the supervisor.
At this moment NAACLS has 30 HT and 3 HTL accredited programs only, with an 
overall capacity of about 300-325 students, and this will not be enough to 
take care of all the retiring histotechs.
Costs is one of the reasons why the number of HTs schools is dwindling.
René J.

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Subject: [Histonet] HT schools
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Where are all the HT accredited schools and why aren't there more out
there?  I've seen the online classes' people can take, but that
them to be trained in a lab, as well, for the "hands on" part.  So,
actually the supervisor still has to train potential HT's "on the
before they can sit for the board exam.  Right?

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