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From:Solomon Adebayo

we recently overcame similar problem in our laboratory
at the Pathology dept. Unilorin teaching hostpital
ilorin Nigeria. It really gave us a lot of sleepless
night. However the joy of getting over the problem
through patient application of the knowledge of how
the microtome works and other factors that makes for
excellent manipulation of the microtome for good
results was worth the effort.
I will advice you to do the following:
(1)Lubricate the machine with the lubricating fluid
that came with it.
(2)Make sure all the screws and knob on the block
holder are tight and well orientated.
(3)Re-set the angle of tilt.
Benard Solomon
Pathology Dept.,
Unilorin Teaching Hospital,
Kwara State, Nigeria.
--- Charles  Scouten  wrote:

> Usually, when we hear about such things, the answer
> is the blade angle
> is too shallow, or the pedestal has wobble for some
> reason.  Grasp the
> tissue pedastal with your hand and try to wobble it.
>  If you can, that
> is the problem. Has the blade angle changed, on
> purpose or by accident?
> Also try to wiggle the blade to see if it is loose,
> but try to do that
> without losing a hand.  
> Cordially,
> Charles W.  Scouten, Ph.D. 
> 5918 Evergreen Blvd. 
> St. Louis, MO 63134 
> Ph: 314 522 0300 x 342
> FAX  314 522 0377 
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> Subject: [Histonet] Leica microtome
> We are seeking advice.  Our Leica 2125 RM microtome
> has been functioning
> well until it suddenly started cutting thick thin
> sections.  
> We have tried to align it, etc and it still is not
> functioning properly.
> The block face looks smooth, but it will cut several
> slices toward one
> side, then on the next pass it cuts off a potato
> chip slice.  Any
> suggestions would be appreciated.  Franci Tryka
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