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We buy Viraguard wipes and spray to decontaminate our cryostat.  It is a
virucide, tuberculocide, bactericide, and fungicide. We have been using it
for about 3 months.  The greatest thing about the product is, it's alcohols
based so it doesn't freeze.  You can decontaminate without turning off your

Veridien 1-800-345-5444

Product number   10160  wipes
                 11016  bottled spray
                 11128  gallon

Kari L. Bradshaw
Laboratory Manager
Lower Columbia Pathologists
1217 14th Ave
Longview, WA  98632

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Greetings to all Histonetters, 


For CAP question ANP 12087 in regards to decontamination of the cryostat.
The note states that decontamination of the interior of cryostats may be
accomplished with 70% ethanol and in addition to this decontamination
process, the cryostat should be defrosted and decontaminated with a
tuberculocidal disinfectant at an interval appropriate for the institution.

I was wondering if other institutions would mind sharing what they use for
their tuberculocidal disinfectant and where to purchase it from.  Thanks for
any help or suggestions.


Debbie Ellenburg


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