[Histonet] Formic acid decal /time


Following my email about Gooding & Stewarts formula for formic acid decal, Gudron Lang asks how long we decalcify for.
Well... How long you decalcify should depend on how much calcium there is! For our bone marrow biopsies (about 3 mm wide) we usually fix in B-5 for two hours, followed by decal for two hours. That is normally enough time. Sometimes there is increased calcium present which was not removed and the tissue is a little crunchy. However, with a hematopathologist breathing down your neck, we live with it! (And the IHC works). Dr Dapson will tell you there are suitable B-5 replacements and maybe there are!
Happy fourth of july again!
Mike Titford
USA Pathology
Mobile AL USA
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