Re: [Histonet] Conundrum

From:"Joanne Mauger"

Dear Chris,
Try post fixing the slides in NBF for 30 minutes after deparaffinizing.This has helped some tissue stay on for me in the past.

>>> "Christian Franci"  07/23/04 11:46AM >>>
I'm in somewhat of a pickle...
It seems that my PEFF sections keep floating away from the slides when I do
HIER using my usual pressure cooker method in which they're submerged in
buffer. Never had this problem before...

(I've always used a pressure cooker. Have never tried other methods.)
Can steaming them instead be a better way to avoid this?  If so, how do you
go about it?  any tricks of the trade?

My suspicion is that the formalin concentration that was used to fix the
tissues was off. (Could that be the case?)

Of course, these are precious study samples for a paper so... anyone have
any ideas how I can save them?  or am I out of luck?

Much gratitude for any insights that might help!

"Eliminate all other factors and, the one which remains MUST be the
truth".-Sherlock Holmes-

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