Re: [Histonet] Bouin's alternative

From:Gayle Callis

Bouins is an integral part of the Massons trichrome stain and even if you 
fix with Davidsons, you will probably have to post fix the sections with 
Bouins.  You can buy it commercially made up and reuse it many times for 
this purpose.  This way you can fix eyes with another fixative and not have 
to worry about fixing the tissues in Bouins - but it is important to use it 
with the trichrome method.

I see the panic in people about picric acid, but I think it can be handled 
safely for a given staining method.  I have picric acid stored on my shelf 
but KEEP IN UNDER WATER at all times, and have had zero problems with 
Bouins or the picric acid itself.  By using Bouins for section 
post-fixation rather than the large amount for fixing a tissues, you will 
reduce the total volume of Bouins in lab, which should be a help. We  will 
continue to use Bouins forever, I guess.  AND we are not in a huge state of 
worry about it.  Just wipe around lids and never let it get in contact with 
metal. I have worse, more hazardous chemicals in my lab to worry about as 
compared to Bouins, sorry - I have found no substitute for it with the Mass 
Tri stain.

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