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Excessive time in gold chloride will produce a reddish brown tone to Retc stained tissue elements  rather than the prefered gray/black.  In our practice we actually prefer a little overdone gold chloride since we follow our Retc with an H+E and we find the H+E is a bit crisper and brighter with overdone gold chloride.  To my knowledge the solution is stable but we replace ours at least every 2 weeks because it gets dirty (dingy) and perhaps the gold would eventually get consumed due to replacement with silver???

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Joe Galbraith

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I have heard that if the Gold Chloride is old it can cause a more "reddish"
stain in the retic. Some people are saying it lasts "forever". What is the
general consenus?
Annette Featherstone

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I have used Envision with many DAB's including vector, it works fine.  My
favorite continues to be the Bragatti Stable DAB, but don't buy it from
Invitrogen, get it from Phoenix Biologicals it is better quality.

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Thanks all who replied to my query on pressure cookers.

I have a question for those who have used the Envision + kit.

Has anyone used it with the Vector DAB kit, rather than the DAB+ from


Min-han Tan

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