[Histonet] staining compatibility

From:"Yi-hsin Wang"

Hi everyone,

I am a new subscriber, am glad there are so many experts around can offer 
help. I am a medical student doing summer research. We use simplified H&E 
stain before LCM (Laser capture microdissection) with subsequent proteomic 

I stumbled upon this journal: Electrophoresis 2003, 24, 296-302, which 
claims that conventional histological staining methods are not compatible 
with 2-dimentional gel electrophoresis. While another paper: American 
Journal of Pathology 2002, 160:815-822 claims that those histochemical 
stains is compatible with such protein analysis, variations for the relative 
intensity and reproducibility of proteins is observed, though.

These two opinions seems to me a little contradictory and I am currently 
working on it, trying to establish a master gel which other Laser captured 
gel can compare to.

Any suggestion is highly welcome, thanks in advance.

Yi-hsin Wang
Department of Medicine
Kaohsiung Medical University
100 Shi-Chuan 1st Road, San Ming District, Kaohsiung City, Taiwan

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