Re: [Histonet] changing from high to low profile blades

From:Ford Royer

With the Reichert 2030 (and other models) that require that you 
switch-out the entire back pressure plate when you go from High to Low 
(or vise versa) blades, it has been my experience that if you do not get 
the back plate assembled correctly, you will have problems.  Try taking 
the back plate off and re-installing it, making sure the it is properly 
aligned and the fastening screws are tightened equally.

Although it is common to be quick to judge, it's not always the blade 
that is the problem.  Assuming that the back plate is not the problem, 
you will need to increase the blade angle from what it was with the high 
profile blades when switching to low profile.  This could take a few 
"trial & errors", so be patient.

 From working on this "side of the bench" for many years, the split is 
almost 50/50 as to the number of high to low profile blades that I 
sell.  So they both must work equally as well.  But so many 
things in Histology, we are dealing in an art as much as a science 
personal preference and personal experience comes into play here.

~ Ford

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Kapoor, Sue wrote:

>Hi all,
> I have a Reichert-Jung 2030 microtome that I recently changed the back
>plate on so that we can use low profile blades. We're expriencing alot of
>problems in sectioning now, finding it extremely difficult to get a ribbon.
>The sections just compress at the blade. I've tried adjusting the angle, (it
>had been at 3 micron), didn't seem to help....any suggestions??????!!!???
>Thank you,
>Sue Kapoor, HT (ASCP)
>Histology Coordinator
>Kenosha Medical Center
>Kenosha, WI
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