Re: [Histonet] Cutting Fat for IHC

From:"Mary North"

You might want to try chilling the block face and the knife with liquid
nitrogen, if you have it available.  By clamping a gauze pad in the
clamps of a hemostat or other such device, you can dip into liquid
nitrogen and then press the cold pad where you need it.  Excess liquid
nitrogen will drip off into the cryostat.  Quite often, the muscle
specimens I section are fatty and this technique works.  The first
section off may contain excessive frost so the next section is usually
just right.
Mary North, HT(ASCP), HTL
Neuromuscular Lab
Oregon Health and Science University
Portland, OR

>>> "Krista J Gavel"  7/14/2004 9:33:39 AM >>>

I am experiencing difficulties trying to section mouse abdominal
adipose and mink adipose in the cryostat. The tissues were frozen at
-80C in chunks. When attempting to make sections, the tissue sticks to
itself, and clumps up. I have tried fixing in paraformaldehyde and using
histofreeze, but the tissue is still too soft. The cryostat is at its
lower limit, about -32C. Is there anything I can do?

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