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Novocastra CD14 (NCL-CD14-223 or NCL-L-CD14-223), not certain about protocols specific for the Nexes.

As for Lyme disease Ab's see, search the site for 'lyme' then select 'Antibodies' for a list - notable manufacturers are Biodesign International, Fitzgerald Industries, US Biological, ViroStat Inc, etc.  Never worked with a lyme disease Ab personally so no clue on protocols.

Good luck,

Joe Galbraith

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Hi histonetters
I am posting this question for my workmate.
She is looking for an CD14-antibody on formalin fixed, paraffin-embed tissue, that is compatible for Ventana-Nexes. Any hints are welcome.

ii. Is there an IHC-antibody for lyme-borreliose (borrelia burgdorferi) available (FFPE tissue, especially on skin)

thanks in advance
Gudrun Lang
Akh Linz, Austria
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