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From:"Hermina Borgerink"

We routinely do lipid staining on formalin fixed archival tissue and use the following procedure:  wash the tissue specimen under running water for an hour to remove the formalin.  Then infiltrate overnight at 4C with 15% sucrose in PBS.  Freeze the tissue in OCT and section at 5 - 6 =B5m. We use Churukian's Oil Red O as our fat stain.  By cryoprotecting the tissue in sucrose, the morphology is comparable to that of a paraffin section. 

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Would this method be adequate for lung to perform Sudan-stain on it?
That opens the possibility to store the autopsy-tissue in formalin and do
the staining later.
Has anybody experience with this?

Gudrun Lang

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I have been asked an unusual (stupid?) question and hope someone can help.
Is it possible to formalin fix a tissue and then put it in OCT and freeze it
to cut frozen sections?  I know it doesn't make much sense but apparently a
contract we have was worded this way (obviously not proof read by the
pathologist) and now I need to treat the tissue this way if possible.  Help!

Kathy Mink

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